Woman in Clay
Sept. 3-29, 2021

186 S. Walnut Ave., Suite A

Opening reception Sunday, September 5, 1-4pm

Samuel Dunson
"Reclamation Gathering"

New work for 2020Click to enlarge

On Saturday, amazing artist, Samuel Dunson, created a painting for the show. The painting is entitled, “Reclamation Gathering.” The triptych covers many of the artists who exhibited during the In The Gallery’s 1987 – 2007 history in North/Germantown Nashville. Dunson unveiled the painting during the opening of my show, “In The Gallery: Looking to the Past, Present and Future” at Zeitgeist Gallery. Left to Right: Barbara Bullock (locket,) Roman Carpenter, Henry L. Jones, Deborah Willis, William Buffett, Samuel Dunson, Ted Jones, Sammie Nicely, David Driskell, Larry Owens, Bruce Peebles, Noris Binet, DeLois J. Wilkinson, Carlton Wilkinson, Janet Birch, Frances Dorris, Alan LeQuire, Greg Ridley, Susan DeMay, Jairo Prado, Monty Wannamaker, Sam Gilliam, Ludye Amos, Myles Maillie, and Brian Joiner.


New work for 2020Visit the Slab Gallery

Off The Beaten Path
Studio Tour

October 29 ~ 31, 2021
Off The Beaten Path Studio Tour The best artist in Middle Tennessee open their studios to the public with demonstrations, guest artist, while offering you some of their best work...

Susan DeMay

Susan DeMay

Artist's Statement

Susan DeMay produces functional and decorative stoneware pottery and other artistic forms, such as wall works, sculptural vases, and tile projects. She maintains a studio, Made by deMay, in Smithville, Tennessee with the help a number of assistants. Her work includes a production line of tabletop wares as well as a series of art pieces. All clay work uses colorful glazes with a variety of surfaces, put together to create rich, expressive palettes and distinctive designs. Each series has evolved from many years of working with electric kilns fired to cone six.

Susan DeMay

Artist of the Month

Susan DeMay has been chosen at the Appalachian Center for Craft as the October Artist of the Month. During the month of October all of Susan's work is 15% off. This is great news for collectors of Susan DeMay's work and those starting their holiday shopping early.